Bluestacks 2 for Windows – Offline Installer

Bluestacks 2 for Windows – Offline Installer
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Bluestacks 2 was released few months ago. To be honest, Bluestacks is the most used Android Emulator all over the world. With time, many hacks and mods were developed to make Bluestacks more user-friendly. The team of developers noted all the points down, packed them in one stable package and named it Bluestacks 2. It is the complete package to run Android Apps and games on any computer. For now, it is only available for Windows operating system. To be more precise it can be installed on Windows XP, 7, Vista, 8 and Windows 10.  In this post, you will be able to download the offline installer of Bluestacks 2 for laptops and desktop PCs. Lets go through the updated features of this piece of software first.


The most prominent and major update is the multi-tasking. It is not very efficient or powerful. However, it works fine for 2-3 normal applications. Do not expect to run lot of games along with some apps at the same time. Other apps will be killed in the background automatically to free up memory. In Bluestacks 2, there is a dedicated right bar. This bar contains several new features. These features include tilting the device, changing orientation, shaking it, taking screenshot, installing APK, moving files between PC and Bluestacks 2 and some added features. At the top right bar, there is a button to add custom controls to any game or app. Basically Bluestacks will remember the screen as touchscreen for any game or app. The keys that a user will add using this utility, will perform a touch action on that particular point on screen.

All other possible gestures like swiping, tapping, shaking, tilting and even joystick can be added from here. This option is particularly useful for new games. New games are generally not optimized yet. So, users will have to add the custom buttons themselves. These buttons will remain saved as long as you do not uninstall Bluestacks 2. The default launcher in Bluestacks 2 has been changed. It is just like any Android tablet. It makes this emulator more user-friendly than ever. The latest addition to ongoing list of Bluestacks 2 features is twitch streaming. Now there is a dedicated bar on the right to view twitch stream. This is made for hardcore gamers. All gamers love to watch an exciting gameplay online. It is for both learning and entertainment. Now lets move on to the installation of Bluestacks 2 on any PC.

Download and Install Bluestacks 2 (Windows 7/8/10)

  1. Download the Offline installer of Bluestacks 2 from here.
  2. Once it has been downloaded, execute the file.
  3. It will begin the installation process.
  4. Follow on-screen commands to finish installation.
  5. Choose whether to or not to make shortcuts on PC.
  6. Once installed, launch Bluestacks 2.
  7. Use Google ID to login.
  8. It is necessary to access Google Play Games and Google Services in Bluestacks 2.

How to Install APK in Bluestacks 2

  1. There are two ways to install an APK in Bluestacks 2.
  2. First of all, download and place APK anywhere on your PC.
  3. First method is to double-click on APK and select Bluestacks 2 as preferred App.
  4. It will launch the APK installer.
  5. Once the APK is installed, you will receive a notification.
  6. Other method is to launch Bluestacks 2.
  7. Click on APK icon in left vertical bar.
  8. Select the APK from the folder where it is downloaded.
  9. It will also launch APK Installer and finish installation.
  10. Once installation has been done, open App Drawer to access the newly install game/app.
  11. In case of Installation error (Invalid Package), re-download APK and validate for corruption in downloaded file.



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