Download and install Andy OS for PC (Windows/Mac)

Download and install Andy OS for PC (Windows/Mac)
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A variety of Android emulators is available for Windows OS and the MacOS/OS X. Apparently, it seems easy to pick up any Android emulator that will work up to the mark. But unfortunately, there are only a few Android emulators which work up to the mark and the our pick for right now, the Andy OS is one of those few Android emulators. Andy stands next to the group of working Android emulators including the BlueStacks, BlueStacks 2 and the Remix OS Player.


Andy is based on the Android 4.4 KitKat. The OS runs on your Mac or Windows powered computer just like an Android tablet. As you install and open Andy, you are presented by a handheld device appearing in your computer’s screen. The device has a lock-screen just like your Android handset. You can garb the lock to unlock it and then you have the vanilla Android to play with. Andy OS simply adds more power to your PC gaming by giving you a list of Android applications that will run perfectly well on a computer.

You might be wondering why you would want to run your Android applications on your PC. Well, there are certain reasons which are good enough for you to convince yourselves. Andy OS has no memory limitations like your Android smartphone or tablet. It has no compatibility issues and most of all, you are able to experience your favorite Android games on a bigger screen in HD resolution. As far as Android applications are concerned, there is a handful of apps which are a great utility. Emulators like Andy are just a great way to utilise those applications and get the best out of your PC just like an Android gadget.

Assuming that we have set a clear idea of what Andy is and what it does, we can now safely head towards the guide. As you scroll down, the guide coming your way explains how to download and install Andy OS for PC on your Windows PC or MacOS/Mac OS X PC. You will also learn how to run Apps for PC via Andy OS.

Download and install Andy OS for PC (Windows/Mac)

  1. Download Andy OS on your Mac or Windows device: Andy OS
  2. Launch the setup that you just downloaded and follow on-screen instructions to finish installation.
  3. Now launch the newly installed Andy OS from All Programs in Windows and Launchpad in Mac.
  4. Hold on while Andy opens up. As it opens up, select your desired language and set up Andy by following the instructions coming your way.
  5. As Andy loads, you will see the Google Play Store icon on the screen.
  6. Open the Play Store and add your Google account to setup the Play Store and Play Services in Andy.
  7. After setting up the Play Store, you are free to download and install applications. Just navigate to your favorite app or game, or just search the game or application you are looking for.
  8. After installing any game/app, it will appear under the all apps tab or on the home-screen in your Andy OS emulator.
  9. Click on the game/app icon and start playing/using it as Andy shows you. That’s all.screenshot-at-jun-21-17-34-33




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